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Common Terms in Soccer

football game

This article will explain all the common terms used in play. Some of these are important rules that every soccer player should know. If you follow the game closely, you will find this interesting.

Advantage Rule – This rule applies when the referee notices a foul and does not have to stop play.

Overall Score – This is the average score scored by the teams playing in a club tournament. These clubs usually play games based on knockouts. Teams are paired up and play each other twice, one on both teams’ home turf! The score is determined by adding the score to both matches.

Attacker – this term refers to the striker and the person close to the opposing team’s goalposts.

In and Out Ball – The ball that is taken out of play, either on the sideline or outside the goal line. You have to be on the You can play even if you are on the sideline. As long as the ball is in play, the game continues.

Bicycle Kick – This is a style of kicking the ball over the head while the player does a somersault or Volley. The player kicks the ball at the same time with both feet off the ground and does a somersault.

Booter – A term used in the game that means to kick the ball. Boot means to kick the ball very hard, long and high.

Clear – This is used every time a goal-scoring situation or opportunity arises in the game . The player clears the ball or kicks the ball out of the mouth of the goal and It can be stopped. Sometimes we can pass the ball, initiate an attack, or even kick the ball out of play! .

Captain – A player chosen to lead the team in a game and to make the toss before the game.


Chip– A high and long shot hit so that the ball goes over the goalie’s head and into the goal.

Dead Ball – When a player stops and the ball is not moving, this is called a dead ball. The first of these situations occur when there is a free kick and a penalty kick opportunity. This occurs when there is an opportunity for a free kick and a penalty kick.

Extra time – this is extra time in a tie and is played in two 15-minute periods to determine the winner.

Fouls – a term used to describe a violation of football laws by a player, which can be punished by a free kick or penalty.

Free Kick – Whenever the opposing team fouls, especially if the opposing team fouls, an unobstructed kick is given to a stationary ball.

Goalkeeper – A specialist player, also known as a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper’s job is to stop the ball from reaching the goalposts behind him.

Handball – when a player uses his hands or arms to play or pass the ball Terms used. This is considered offensive in the game.

Head– Putting the ball in the lead means playing the ball in the forehead, clearing, passing, or scoring a goal.

Marking – When the game is in a man-to-man situation, the defender is said to mark the attacker. The further away from him, the looser the markings are. And the closer you get to him, the tighter the markings become.

Man of the Match – a term used for the best player in the game.

Own goal– a situation in which a player unintentionally kicks the ball into his own goal. It is recognized as his own goal or self-goal.

Pass– An action in which a player kicks the ball to a teammate.

the keeper

Penalty– a situation in which a player kicks the ball from the penalty spot and there is only one defender near the goal, i.e., the goalkeeper.

Period– A football game is divided into two halves in time. The first half and the second half.

Pitch – The football field is called a pitch for ease of use.

Referee – the official in charge of the game. The referee is the final arbiter of the game. He checks the time and stops the game if the game is over. Players are not allowed to enter or leave the field without their consent. It is the responsibility of the game, the ball, and the players to make sure that everything conforms to the rules of the game. It is the responsibility of the referees. There are two assistant referees in the game.

Red Card – the decision of the referees to determine if a player has attacked. Then, he will forced that player to leave the game for the rest of the period.

Scissor Kick – kicking the ball forward when the player is leaning sideways. He then plays the ball and kicks in the direction of the player. This kick is executed while the player is completely off the ground.

Scoreline – An indication of the scores of both teams, with some information about home ground. If the scoreline shows ABC 0 and DEF 2, this means that the game is ABC’s It is on home ground and means the winner is a 2 goal DEF.

Tackle – a term used when a player uses his body to take the ball away from an opponent , which can be a shoulder charge. A clean tackle means taking the ball well from the opponent without fouling.

Time – A football game is divided into two halves, with each half devoted to only 45 minutes in a professional game.

Yellow Card – This is shown to a player and warns them that they have committed a serious infraction during the game. It is then followed by another yellow card for another offense, followed by a red card.